Corporate Workshops

Organizational Specific

What we do?

Outcomes for you

Driving Values, Vision, Mission Ethics and Code of Conduct and Quality Policy of the organization.

Sensitize  people to the organization

Your people will be aware of what the organization expects from them and learn to align to them

Train the Trainer

Work on Adult Learning principles and coach to undertake training programs in a planned manner.

Be  a trainer resource for the organization. Take functional and behavior workshops with positive learning outcomes for your organization.


Understand self leadership tendencies and experience the attributes in the workshop.

Demonstrate Leadership at workplace through three types of power – role, relationship and expertise

Sales Management

Create templates for solution selling.

Market the value of your product or service and not price.

Communication Management

Learn the skill to communicate for outcomes

Improved listening, Questioning and Observing   skills with ability to handle oneself in groups.

Develop Presentation Skills

Provide templates and coach on techniques of presentation. Practice through learning’s and live video recordings.

Do qualitative and objective presentations  with confidence and high self esteem.

Service Excellence

Create understanding of transaction based effectiveness

Reduce time to market at the consignee end

Participative Management

Sensitize to uniqueness of individuals and understand that two plus two is more than four.

Be a better team player.


Sensitize to the art of SMART working through templates.

Motivated employee with work – life balance.

Time Cannot Be Managed

Sensitize that you cannot manage time. You can only manage your activities.

Take stock of your activities and identify time wasters and make changes and enhance productivity.

Customer Service

Learn to listen and work on end to end solution through relationship building.

Take ownership of actions from problem to resolution.

Team Building and Interpersonal Skills
Working in Teams

Sensitize people to individual uniqueness and learn to adapt through experience sharing and case studies.

Focus on quality transactions and learn to work in teams towards positive outcomes.

Conflict Cannot be Managed

Conflict is a continuum and hence you need to look at your response. Learn to manage ones emotions

Learn that differences need to be addressed  before getting into a conflict. Learn how to handle different conflicting situations.

Stress cannot be managed

Learn to manage oneself

Rational response in challenging  situations.

Interview Skills for Interview Panel

Learn how to listen, question, observe behaviors, test understanding, plan self behavior, summarize and present to management

Select right people for right job with right behaviors.

Problem Solving Through Creative Means

Learn how to apply three problem solving methods through creative means

Practice to develop ability to solve problems through collaborative means.

Business Presentations

Learn the four pillars of presentation. Practice the structure and experience the difference.

Present with confidence for positive outcomes.

Women at workplace

Learn how to handle workplace situations exclusive to women .

Learn to handle oneself at workplace effectively.

Work Life Balance

A program for family members to accept and relate to stress at workplace  and device methods to accept and support the same.

Learn to handle work and life  for overall satisfaction